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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wanna be a guest blogger in October? Leave a comment here!

Hey all,

If you'd like to be a guest blogger here in October, which by the way is Breast Cancer Awareness month, leave a comment here (not on facebook) so I can keep track....

You don't have to blog about breast cancer.  You don't have to have or have had breast cancer.  I'd kind of like to keep the focus cancery and maybe tangentially related to life with cancer or observing cancer or being a caregiver or whatever.....but really it's up to you.  Run it by me and I'm more than likely to give it the thumbs up.

Some ideas:
Not having breast cancer
Having another cancer that is over shadowed by the emphasis on bc
Being a caregiver
Living with a chronic illness
Having an invisible illness
being young, old, minority, poor, etc....and cancer
living in the shadow of cancer....
the importance of support

I will be the writer, not me.

Let me know....I have lots of people in mind, but I'd like you to step forward on your own:)


Your son said...


indigogirl17 said...

I'll be a guest blogger--Cynthia

fairytail3982 said...

I'd be interested - and the topic I'd like to blog about is how my feelings about breastfeeding in public (I was extremely uncomfortable with it) and the "place" of breasts in general changed radically through following a friend's (your) journey with breast cancer.

TC said...

I would appreciate being a guest-blogger. I have a couple of pieces on pinktoberfest awareness I would like to submit. Check out my blog and see if you like: BTW I reposted your awareness blog from last year on my site...brilliant! Thank you.