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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cold Headed Woman

No, not hard headed woman nor a soft hearted man, but a cold headed woman.

Something I've noticed since the weather has started to change from summer to fall is that I hate, hate, hate cold air on my head.

That seemed logical last winter, when I had no hair. In fact, kudos to bald people everywhere who live with that day in and day out, especially here in breezy NW Ohio.

However, it still bothers me. Chills me. Cold on my head never used to bother me. I despised wearing hats and tried to avoid doing so during the winter months. Yet now, the slightest breeze upon my head sends a chill down my spine and me looking for head covering.

Theoretically, I should be noticing less cold air in my head. After all, my hair is curlier and coarser than it was before. Therefore, if my general science knowledge is accurate, it should provide more insulation than my "old" hair. Plus, it's short and I wear it curly. I'd guess it is much more like sheep wool than ever before. Or a poodle's hair. And we all know that design is ideal for its insulating factors.

Yet, why am I miserable with the slightest breeze on my head. I frequently wish for a hood when I'm teaching. Right now, I'd wear a toque sitting at my kitchen table if I weren't so lazy that going to find one would be off putting. Perhaps I'm conserving my meagre energy supplies to keep hypothermia at bay.


Regardless, I'm cold. And I don't like it.

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Kirsty said...

You're probably also compensating for a lower percentage of body fat then you've had in the past. Get yourself a cool (warm) and comfy hat that you love.