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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankfuls: Nov. 3, 2012

In all fairness, this month of daily blog entries just may be the undoing of me. I blog best when I'm ranty. Today, I'm not ranty.

I am, however, doing the "thankful" meme on Facebook this month. This meme takes several forms: 5 a day, one a day, the same number as the date.  I'm toying with the same number as the date, but as the month goes on and school gets more and more busy as the semester winds up, I'm not sure how achievable that undertaking is.

See how boring this month is going to be unless I get my rant on?

Here are the thankfuls I posted on Facebook just now:
1. that there is now a video store in town, even though it is a shadow of a store and is missing more selections than it owns. We do enjoy browsing.
2. earphones. I'm not listening to the silly sounds on my 12 yr old's video game because he has ear phones. We can share a blanket and a quiet evening on the couch, thanks to ear phones. I no longer get so worked up that I want to take the the laptop and snap it in two, all thanks to headphones.
3. sleep. I love sleeping. I feel so much better when I get adequate sleep and when I sleep well and deeply. I don't know if others look forward to sleep like I do, but I do look forward to going to bed every night. 
I do believe yesterday that I posted that I'm thankful for my Droid Razr Maxx. Yes, I am, truly in love with it. It works fairly seamlessly (and probably would work better if it had a better operator).

In general, this is a wasted post to count for day three. For that I apologize. I'll do better tomorrow. Or not.
In the meantime, I'm hearing my bed calling me.

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