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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good News, redux!

I have several ideas for blog entries, but physical limitations have intervened. Get an effort to stave off having to take more pain killers for the bone pain last night, I took a LONG hot bath. In an effort to feel domestic and helpful around the house (and have a clean, dry towel after my bath), I took all the clean towels into the bathroom and threw them (unfolded) into the basket in the bathroom closet. After my bath, in an effort to find some centeredness, I decided to fold the towels, because I love how tidy and organized folded towels are.

Got all that?

In folding the towels and tossing them folded, after my long hot bath, into the towel basket in the closet, I somehow snagged the nail on my left ring finger, and ripped it off way down into the nailbed. And it bled, and bled, and bled and bled....and now I have this huge bandaide on it and keep hitting more than one key with that finger, plus it is quite painful.

On top of that, each round of chemo has increased the neuropathy in my fingers and feet. It waxes and wanes...worse about now, better just before starting another round, but regardless, there's still numbness in my figures, causing for clumsy typing. So, uber-owie in one finger and lessened feeling in 9 fingers....

Anyway, so this didn't end up being quick....

But there is ultimate good news....the biopsy on my right breast came back negative for cancer. I have fibrocystic breast condition, which over 60% of all women have. It's nothing as long as it doesn't bother me. Some types of PCBC indicate an increased risk of breast cancer, but not the kind I have.

So, nothing really MUST be done with my right breast.

That opens up other options for later on.

And I'll know more about those options after we meet with the plastic surgeon on Friday.

And now, the finger I can feel says I must stop typing. More on these topics later.

Meanwhile, join me in a happy dance.