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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good News!

Right now, I'm finishing up the last of this week's infusion...been here since 11:00 and it's now 3:32. About half an hour to go.

So far, it's been an uneventful trip. That's the way we like it.

Met with the oncologist this morning. I so like her.

In sum, the swollen lymph node in my arm pit, which was about 5 cm three weeks ago, is no not palpable, it has shrunk so much. The two tumors in my breast have both shrunk significantly, and there is less swelling in the breast.

That's all excellent news.

Doctor is happy I'm doing visualization and yoga. She thinks meditation would be good.

She reviewed all the rest of my test results, and I found out that the CT scan was clear, so it appears that this is all fairly localized. Good.

MUGA, which is a test of heart function, was good.

We also began discussing what to do after chemo--still a ways off. But we are discussing a double mastectomy. I have no family history and the types of tumors I have are caused by genetic mutation, and that gene will still be throwing off mutations when this is done. So, it makes sense to take them away.

That's not going to be fun, but I'll get new boobs that aren't pointing to the ground out of the deal. I'm done with these. They've served me well.

Probably have ovaries removed as well...I'm going to lobby for all those bits and pieces taken's not like I'm using my uterus...

So, that's that. I'm pleased that the chemo is working. If I have to do this, it's nice that there is something concrete and immediate to reward me.

And I'm very grateful for all the support and loving kindness that I've been getting. I have an awesome group of friends and family. So many people are not as fortunate at all.


Theresa Williams said...

Dawn, sweetheart, it sounds like so much lies ahead for you. So many changes for a woman's body to go through, a wife's, a mother's. It is an adjustment, but the main thing is life. To be able to stay on this planet longer to do your work; and you do good work, very good work. I'm proud to know you.

grilledcheesegoddess said...

Thanks, Theresa.

I'm just taking it one three week chunk at a time, and in those chunks, one day at a time, and in each day one class at a'll all work out and I'll look back and say, "THat was a year of suck but have learned and grown." There really isn't another option. Make the best of the suck. When I'm not wallowing in self pity;)

I'm good at wallowing, too.

I couldn't manage nearly so well if it weren't for the meals people are bringing (especially) and the other physical support I am getting.

I am proud to know all of you.

charsch said...

So glad you're getting such positive news. That is SO encouraging for your and us, who love and appreciate your friendship. Your idea of one step at a time is good; so many decisions yet to be made down the road, but don't want to let them overwhelm you, either. We'll pray for guidance that you continue to make wise decisions as they must be made.

fairytail3982 said...

Do you have any requests for meals? Any allergies? Things your family cannot or will not eat? (I know some of your boys aren't good with dairy... is dairy in moderation an option at all?) Is someone coordinating the efforts of those who want to provide meals, or are you happy if people just randomly drop things off when the spirit moves them to do so?