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Monday, April 19, 2010

One HUGE sign the Smackdown is nearly over

I'm not ignoring the fact that I still face some potentially debilitating fatigue in the latter weeks of radiation, which could last as long as a year, or that I still have at least one surgery, possibly more ahead, yet tonight I realized yet again that I'm coming up from the Smackdown.

Tynan asked me if he could be homeschooled next year, and I am actually considering it. It doesn't seem overwhelming, nor does my teaching schedule seem to pose problems. Two weeks ago when he asked, I was totally opposed. It didn't appeal to me at all.

If we do decide to homeschool him, his experience will be much different than his brothers' at the age of 10. For starters, I don't have the energy that I had a decade ago. Nor am I willing to go back to teaching evenings and homeschooling days, and ultimately burning the candle at both ends. That was only good for a finite time, and that time is long past (and probably should have ended sooner than it did).

He'll have to do a lot more bookwork than his brothers did, just to simplify my life. He'll have to be a lot more independent.

He's willing to do maths and science this summer to prove to me he can do it. I'm willing to seriously consider it.

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