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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Posse Party

Hey all, if you are in the area, after the Race for the Cure this coming Sunday, Sept. 26, my family is hosting a party to celebrate an end to the Year of Suck, at the Hoffman Shelter in BG city Park, at 12:30 or so, lasting until it's over or dark, whichever is first. I have no contingency plans for uncooperative weather.

We will provide meats and table service. Please bring drinks and a dish to share, if you are able. If not, we are never short of food:)

Bring outdoorsy type games if you have them (corn hole, ladder ball, Tynan is dying to play Pop we are in search of a beer pong table). If it's OK to be out but not ideal, maybe table top games? Charades? Parlor Games?

Please let me know if you plan on coming, so I can get enough meats.

phone/text: 419-308-2727
comments here....

please, please, please come.

Do I need to write a blog entry about my party anxiety? It's not pretty.....

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