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Sunday, September 12, 2010

This and That

Another fantastic Black Swamp Arts Festival in the bag. What a wonderful weekend. Last year at this time, I was whipped. I had tried my best to enjoy the festival, but it was really the first time I'd spent much time in public without hair, and I spent a lot of time explaining to people what was going on, trying to not look as exhausted and sick as I felt, putting on a brave face. This year was totally different. It was an absolute, total joy. I never once felt tired or dragging or like I just had to sit down. A good part of that is due to the fact that I'm not in the midst of chemo like last year, but a good part of that is due to the fact that I'm in much better health than I have ever been in my adult life, I think.

Speaking of being in shape, I ran 5 miles this morning. I think I shall have a shirt made that says, "Hey Cancer, I may run slowly, but I kicked your ass."

And, speaking of running, I've formed a team for the NWOhio Race for the Cure. It's called "The Posse." If you are in the area and would like to join, please do so! If you aren't in the area, you can still join and "Sleep In for the Cure." You don't have to race or even run. You are more than welcome to walk, roll, crawl, shuffle. Don't feel pressured to raise money, although that would be nice. I didn't participate last year because it was the Saturday after one of my chemo infusions, which was a crash day. But I have heard from others that it's a fun event.

This year, I'm participating.

My goal is to complete the event (I try not to call it a "race" because that's intimidating) without walking. I can complete 3.5 miles fairly easily when I run by myself. I've run more than 5 miles at least twice now. I'm slow, but I can do it.

So come on out and join me! After the event, we'll have a brunch-ish type gathering at the Hoffman Shelter at BG City Park, conveniently located near the playground for those of you with young'uns. My family will provide burgers, dogs, and chicken. Bring your own drinks and a dish to share and join the fun! Tynan would like us to play GatorAde Pong, so maybe we'll work that out. Bring corn-hole if you have it? Ladderball? Bocce? other outdoor type games? I'm going on the assumption the weather will be WONDERFUL!!! If it's not, um....we'll cope, somehow. Maybe charades? Win-Lose-or-Draw? Poker? Trivial Pursuit? Parlor games?

If you don't participate in the Race for the Cure, feel free to stop by anyway! It'll be fun.

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