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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Harsh Reality

Many bloggers have caught a lot of flack for not being gung-ho SGK/Pinktober rah-rah.

Part of the problem is that the Pinking of Breast Cancer denies reality for many.  Of course, we all want to hear stories about long term survivors and those whose lives weren't drastically changed.  Even more, we want to know about people who have survived treatment and then climbed Mt. Everest or sailed around the world in a hand-hewn canoe (obviously a canoe with a get my pun intended).

That all can provide inspiration, hope, and by golly it's happy.

But the reality which is denied is much more private.  It's where none of us really wants to dwell.  Yet, once an endurer ends up in that reality, it's not such a happy place, and it really isn't all that pink implies.  It's much more shades of gray. The hard part is, not a single one of us has any way of knowing which reality will be granted to us.

Here's a wonderful blog that shows a different reality. It's loving and touching, and the opposite of the pinkality that is so often portrayed in the media.  You should check it out.  Angelo and Jen are an amazing couple, full of love and compassion.  Angelo's blog shows the gray side of the journey.


CancerCultureChronicles said...

I think Angelo's photos are absolutely incredible. The juxtaposition of a man's love for is wife is so clearly evident, set against the tragic and brutal reality they are living with every day. Really amazing. Glad to have found your blog. Rachel :)

TC said...

It is not a "different reality" it IS the reality. The one that is airbrushed because it wouldn't sell pretty pink baubles. Thank you for sharing Angelo's photos. They inspired me.