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Friday, December 2, 2011

Slip, Sliding Away, redux

About 11 months ago, I wrote this.

The past few days, I've been having some odd twinges, feeling swollen, weird PMS-like pains on the same right side.  I really feel like something is off on my right side.

Having been sidelined by foot problems and elbow problems for the past several months, and coupled with dealing with the declining daylight, end of the term stress, and financial woes very inappropriately (can you say fat, salt, and carbs?) during that same period of time, I have laid down a really nice layer of fat.

I've poked and prodded the right side of my chest quite extensively, and it just feels different than it did a while back.  It also feels like there is tension pulling from left to right (like a bra that isn't adjusted quite right).

After a long look in the mirror and a similarly long look in a skin tight shirt, it is very apparent that my right side is quite different than it used to be.  Almost exactly like it was 11 months ago, only this time over to the right, more toward my arm pit than before where it was lower on my chest.

So, I have an appointment with my plastic surgeon a week from Tuesday.

If something needs to be readjusted, I'd so much like to have it done before Dec. 31, which is highly improbable, so that it falls under this year's insurance.  I am seriously considering asking to have it down with just a local anesthetic, too.


Even more stressful, my husband's new employer is not cooperating with returning some insurance form that must be returned to BGSU by 12/9.  If it isn't returned, he will not be able to be covered by my insurance and will, as of 12/31, be uninsured.

Our truck is--for all intents and purposes--dead.  We will find out more about it within days.  If it is, indeed, irreparable, we will have to purchase a new (to us) vehicle ASAP.  It will be nearly impossible for me to make the doctor's and OT appointments on top of my school obligations next week **and** figure out how to get him to work.  As it is, there is at least one day that he'll have to be dropped off at work about 4 hours before he starts so that I can have the car to do what else needs to be done.

I hope the rest of you are having a happier December than I am right now.

I'd like to say there is nowhere to go but up, but, alas, I fear I am too jaded to buy into that right now.


amakice said...

Ugh. I keep thinking of what a friend of mine says: "it takes money to make money." hope all the pieces fall into place for you.

Karen said...

Well, that clears things up a little. You don't even mention how impossible work is this time of year, and I know you're very busy with all of that stuff. I'm glad you're such a strong woman, but I wish you didn't have to be one so consistently.

dawn h-s said...

Karen, I rarely post much about the hell that is work at times here because unless people have lived it, what we do and the system we do it within is so out of this world that I don't think I'm a good enough writer to convey the reality.

We don't just grade essays or evaluate them or teach...we nurture, cajole, create, and work--at this time of the semester--under the constant thought of "how will this look in a portfolio". It's such a weird way to be. But, back to the hell that is work.