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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day, 2011

I love my boys.  We are not a touchy-feely, sentimental bunch.  Not by a long shot.

OK, I'll admit that I have visions of sugar plums...erm...ideal days.  They rarely come to fruition.  It is what it is.

This morning started off with my 15 year old, awake silly early for some reason--maybe one of his friends was stopping by to pick something up?  I was asleep so I don't really know why he was up.  He just was.  However, being 15, he wasn't happy being awake, let alone being out of bed, and he ended up jumping into bed with me instead of making the journey alllll the way up the stairs to his own bed.  One of the joys of having my bedroom on the first floor (one of the ONLY reasons, I'm thinking these days). I'm not using the word "jumping" here metaphorically.  He JUMPED onto my bed, spouting "Happy Mother's Day!"  My guess is about an hour later he decided that the sun was sufficiently high in the sky and his brothers both being asleep meant that he could control the Xbox, so he wandered off, leaving me with a kiss and the thought that, truely, that could have been our last ever long snuggle together.

At some point, we all got up, showered, dressed and headed off for lunch with the mother-in-law, which was nice as usual.

On the way home, we saw a turtle in the road.  We turn around to go back and move it safely out of the way of traffic.  However, this being a semi-busy rural road without much turning room.  In the minutes it took us to find a place to turn around, wait for the oncoming traffic, and shudder because we were sure each car would squish the turtle, then turn back around because there was no room to pull off on the side of the road, wait for more traffic, the very lucky turtle had made it safely across the road and was into a field.  By this point, my adhd rife family was bored, me included, so we just went on our merry way (at one point, when I identified as a homeschooling mom, I'd have pushed through my own personal boredom and turned this into a forced learning, not so much).

The Feral Third thought we should all go to a movie, so the boyz treated me to a movie.  I"ll admit, I love super hero movies.  No real surprise.  The older two were well versed in mythology before they even started reading; I sort of did my own sort of Waldorfy education for a while with them, only instead of fairies and gnomes, we immersed ourselves in heros, mythology, and comics.  It only seemed fitting we'd go see Thor for Mother's Day.  The Eldest paid for the tickets with his hard earned money.  The Middle kept the peace.  We rode our bikes.  It was a good time.  Too bad the movie was mediocre.  We did have a good time discussing the mythology, especially the use of Loki, and reminiscing about the time we had spent years ago reading Norse mythology.  I agree with the Eldest who thought we were over analyzing the movie (it doesn't deserve the term "film").  We also, as a family, don't appreciate the 3-D effects and find that they tire our eyes.  The Middle wishes 3-D was used to make the film better, instead of being used to cover up weak films.  Still, it was a super hero movie, and we had a good time.

Chinese buffet for dinner.  Don't ask.  It always smells good, sounds like a good idea, and we always, always always regret it later.

And thus ends a fairly calm, normal day.  We were all together, which rarely happens any more.

I love my boys.

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