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Monday, January 25, 2010

Fingers Crossed...

A) I'll feel up to driving to my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning since we totally didn't prepare Tynan for an adult free morning before he went to bed tonight. Oops! That means Louis can't drive me, since I have to be at UTMC at 8:45. And Nathan has a class at 9:30. Right this very minute, I feel fine. Earlier today, the idea of driving to Toledo would have wigged me out...not that I would have been incapable, just really miserable. Like driving with the flu.

B) I'll get a clean bill of health (or whatever it would be called in my case...I doubt I'll ever get an official "clean bill of health" from a caregiver ever again) from Dr. L tomorrow (the surgeon). No restrictions. I can go back to yoga. I can exercise. I suppose some would think "I can clean house" but I'm not going that far.

C) I'll get in with the OT for lymphedema assessment soon, get my sleeve ordered, and then be done with it. Actually, I want orders for two sleeves, since my right arm bothers me more than my left (thanks to a totally unrelated case of tennis elbow), and I'm going to try to argue that since chemo seems to make lymph nodes disappear and since I've never had swelling in this arm until doing chemo....a sleeve is in order and, therefore, covered by my insurance. And, I think I found a place in Findlay that sells cool ones.

D) Even better would be that I find out that the lymphedema treatment at Wood County Hospital is reputable. It would be so nice...just so, so, so be able to to something here in town instead of driving to Toledo.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn - the lymphoedema clinic at my workplace is famous for its work in preventing and treating it, and has info booklets Email me via my gmail (check Wisemamas group) to let me know if you would like me to grab one for you and send it over (my treat, or shout as we say here :-). Sue

grilledcheesegoddess said...

Hey Sue, thanks for the offer, but I have unsubbed from Wisemamas. If you want to ping me at my email address, I'd appreciate it.