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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The next step

I had an appointment with Dr. Mo today. I love spending time with her. I just wish it were under different circumstances.


I feel fully recovered from surgery, except for a lagging energy level. Yes, I slept (mostly) until noon today and didn't "get up" until 1:45. But otherwise, I feel fine:)

Although I knew this was coming, it was still disheartening to hear about the next four rounds of chemo I have to do. Dr. Mo was all "hey, it's only 4 rounds!!!" and I was all "Hey, you aren't doing them and never have, so bite me!!!!"

I've opted to do "dose intensive" chemo, which wasn't an option last time. Dr. Mo is letting me do this because I'm not working this semester and I'm "strong" and "determined." Dose intensive chemo is just "the same dosage more frequently." Instead of getting infusions every three weeks, I'll get them every other week. The downside is I'll never have those "good days" that people get in the third week. The upside is, it'll all be over a month earlier this way. By the time the weather is warming up, I'll no longer feel like shit. I hate the month of February anyway.

From what I've been told and what I read today, this chemo cocktail will be more challenging than the last one. Everyone keeps talking about nausea. I hate nausea. I'm sure no one likes it, but I really hate it. I had very minimal nausea the last time. I walked out of the office today with a huge handful of anti-nausea prescriptions, one of which insurance may choose not to pay for. The steroids are on a much different regime, and the nurse was insistent that I understand when to take what. I'm almost afraid to take the scripts to the pharmacy because they look scary expensive. Guess I do that tomorrow so I can find out (a) if my insurance will pay for the patch and (b) know what I'm in for cost-wise.

The one chemo drug is also quite cardio-toxic.

If the cancer doesn't kill me, there's a very real possibility the treatment will shorten my life expectancy.

Gotta love that.

Anyway, in the next week, I have to get a new set of baseline bloods drawn, get an echo-cardiogram, and get my prescriptions filled. Then away we go....

On the upside, I'll only be in the infusion center for a couple of hours as opposed to most of the day on chemo days.

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hippiecoolchick said...

Oh sweetie, it's a long haul! I'm pulling for you and sending lots of healing vibes and love.