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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My new do

Since I haven't had chemo for 11 weeks, my hair follicles are awakening. Actually, my hair is about 1/2 as long as it should be because I shaved my head the night before surgery. Why you might wonder? Because when it gets to a certain length, it itches and my hats don't stay on well.

However, while my hair "grew" the entire time I did my last chemo trip, only about every 8th follicle cooperated (or, since I'd prefer to be cue-ball bald over weirdly early-pubescent boy chin sort of bald--didn't cooperate), I always had some sort of fuzz going on, that I'd shave every few weeks.

Now, however, all the follicles are now on the same page, just in time to go bye-bye sometime after Friday.

To have some fun and push the dread of 8 more weeks of chemo aside, Amy and I dyed what little hair I have purple-pink. To get the color to take, first we had to bleach my hair, which in itself was a fun look. Here's the final outcome.

1 comment:

Margo Trueman said...

Very cool. BTW that purple-pink colour is called magenta. You've been in my prayers, Dawn, every day.