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Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's awkward to know what to say to people who don't know of the recent turn of events in my life (how's that for euphemistic?).

For instance, at a soccer game Thursday, no one immediately noticed my short hair because I was wearing my not-so-cool-not-very-soccer-mom hat. Finally, one mom noticed and then asked me why I'd decided to cut it now. Talk about a bucket of ice water when I answered. Fortunately, what could have been a very, very awkward situation ended up being quite a supportive conversation. Still, with all the gossipy people in my life, the soccer sideline is probably the least gossipy place, and it would just be easier if everyone already knew.

Then, today, I was doing some homeschool assessments at the BG (s)mall. I only see these people once a year, for an hour at the most. My appearance has changed since I last saw these two families. In fact, I'm looking good right now. I've lost quite a bit of weight (maybe 20-25 lbs), of course my hair is different, which I think makes me look younger, at least it has in the recent good days. The one woman today kept raving about how good I look, how I make her feel like doing a make over, how I was inspiring her...there was really nothing good to say to all of that but "Thank you."

I mean, "Well, cancer does wonders..." seems a little heartless and rude. And really, I won't see this person until this time next year. Won't communicate with her at all, in all likelihood.

It's awkward situations like this that make me dread the first week or two of school.

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Theresa Williams said...

It's always hard at first to let the monster out of the sack. I know the feeling.