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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wig shopping

I mentioned earlier that wig shopping was a rather squicky experience for me. I have issues with all things girly as well as with hair that is not attached to heads. And those two

things rather define "wig shop." Add to that the horror movies
I've seen where mannequins come to life, and a little room full of odd faces topped by hair that doesn't look quite right is precisely a place where Dawn finds herself uncomfortable. Put the little room in a cancer survivor store, and it's even more uncomfortable.

Initially, two weeks ago, when Pattie and I went in, choosing a wig was hard. First, I have an oddly shaped and large head. Second, the generic styles are just that, generic, and waaaay too poofy (I think the girly term is "thick"). And, as we all know, I rarely do anything with my hair that requires any sort of attention or work, let alone light or mirror. I was just thinking today as I was putting gel in my hair after my shower that doing so was quite a bit of work!

Since I've decided to do my best to make this as fun a journey as possible, I decided that I'd not try to match my natural color(s) and instead go with a color I'd always rather wanted, was able to achieve briefly before I got too much sort of aubourn. With my large cranium, there is really only one design of wig cap that fits me, so my choices were limited, and I had to choose from colors that didn't really appeal to me, and then imagine it in the color I wanted. Oh, there was help in choosing the color...a drawer full of hair the goose bumps on Dawn's arms at the thought of a drawer of hunks of hair.

Pattie and I did our best and the woman who helped us did her best, but it really was just a guess, a hope, and a prayer that when the wig came in, it wouldn't make me look like Bozo the Clown.

Since I was told my hair should start to come out starting next weekend, I've decided (I think...I really quit making decisions because every time I do, something just comes along to bollux them up) that I'm going to just start teaching with my wig, instead of switching mid-stream. Of course, as soon as I made that decision, I got the offers for two other brunette and one blonde, so maybe I'll just do whatever. In fact, I don't anticipate wearing the wig much. It certainly is a lot of work and is way more uncomfortable than anything I've worn before. I'd rank it right up there with a poorly fitting, inexpensive bike helmet bred with on old lady swim cap.
I know I won't wear it outside of teaching. I even envision yanking it off my head as soon as I get in the car to drive home. On the bright side, I'm already amassing quite the collection of cool hats and scarf things. Splurged on a new one today, even. Won a pattern on Ebay to make some more (or to have someone make some more, because I don't really see me doing it...Pattie's mom sews). Amy and I have some plans to make some scarves.
So, working to keep a positive spin on this whole thing...Amy, Pattie and I headed off to pick up my new do today. I wasn't quite as upbeat as I was when I picked it out. I'm 2 days post-chemo, I haven't slept more than a handful of hours any night since last Saturday, I've been taking steroids which I've never handled well when I've had to take them in the past, and I've been an emotional wreck for the last 24 hours, basically. I'm tired, weepy, and achey. One a positive note, I did get a script for sleeping pills finally and can not wait to sleep tonight.

The wig's name is Casey, by the way. All wigs have names.
Tired Dawn with her new short hair:

And the primping, prodding, and quaffing began. It seemed to be never ending.

Finally, after special scissors, weird tucks, special expensive wig mousse, the end product. Meet Casey.

And, to do something fun and different, Pattie also bought a wig!

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char said...

Close to the color of my hair and a good color for your coloring. Looks really cute!