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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hair Today; Gone Today

Day 15 post infusion #1, I mentioned on Facebook that I was surprised my hair was hanging in there...the chemo nurse said it would start falling out on Day 10. I wondered if the fall would cooperate and happen over a weekend so I'd have some time to get used to it before I had to teach.

Yesterday, Day 16, I noticed, when I scrunched it up after my shower, that I had a few hairs on my hands. Later in the day, sitting outside Meijer with Amy, I gave it a gentle tug and got more than a few hairs. I knew the fall was beginning. This morning...well....I posted a picture of what I got when I gave it a tug....quite a few hairs in my hand.

This afternoon, Amy came over and first used the clippers, then used a razor and took it all off. It was fun, and I know she loves me because she can't stand unattached hair any more than I can.

Oddly, it is quite liberating. My scalp feels smooth and sort of numb...I think because I don't feel the hair when I rub my head.

I have a modest collection of scarves and hats, and I'm anxious to wear them. I can't wait to collect more. I'm also thinking that I'll be going out in public without anything on. It just feels so good.

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charsch said...

You even manage to have fun with this. I like the one that looks like the Davy Crockett hat Mark wore when he was a kid. :)