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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Infusion #5, part 3

More bad news...apparently, according to the nurse I saw today for my Neulasta shot, my MUGA last month, indicated that my heart function has dropped "slightly" from my baseline before I started chemo. You might be thinking, "Well, you are almost done" and that's true, except that the drug that damages hearts is the one that I have to be on for a year (aka "chemo lite") and it is the one that is most effective on my type of cancer at keeping recurrences at bay. Without it, the chance of recurrence is quite high, actually, and this form of cancer without Herceptin is quite aggressive. So, later this month, I get an echo cardiogram. If it shows worse results, I'll have to delay Herceptin. I'm hoping to get in my last round of regular chemo and then get the echo cardiogram, since I'd have to probably take a break anyway due to surgery, so that might help.


Also got the great news that the blood draw I had done yesterday shows my hemoglobin is now below 8.0, so I got an extra shot today, to hopefully help me produce more red blood cells--Procrit. Not really a fun shot. Ow! And it's still OW!

Check out these potential side effects. I refuse to allow them.

I'm really feeling a little overwhelmed tonight.

Once again, I'm feeling like it is time to quit work...but to what end? To sit around and fret over my health and my husband's job? If I could teach but not grade...teach but not conference....basically, the play part of work, not the work part of work. If I ever win the lottery, I'll hire a teaching assistant.


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Angela Zimmann said...

Thinking of you, Dawn, and of course my offer stands. I can teach for you if you want... I would even help you with grading or conferencing, but you students sure wouldn't get the Dawn to whom they've grown accustomed.

Anonymous said...

So disappointed to hear about the bad luck with the meds. Stupid cancer, so unfair. Consider contacting The Victory Center, it's free, and you could use some reiki and healing touch therapy. Ask for Penny, she coordinates new participants, 419-531-7600.