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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Infusion #5, part 2

Infusion Days are long;however, thanks to steroids, I have not a sleepy bone in my body.

Chemo is working, really really well. However, my body does not like chemo. My hemoglobin is 8.2, which is more than one full point lower than last time, which does not bode well for next time. Bilirubin is up. A couple of other systems aren't doing so well, either. Infusion nurses claimed that they were only willing to infuse me today because my doctor insisted that for me these numbers aren't as bad as they look on paper. Good thing I trust her, because I'm rather attached to my liver, kidneys, pancreas, red blood cells.

At least these side effects only make me more and more exhausted and fatigued. The bone, joint, and muscle pain is projected to be worse this time around, and has started already.

It's sadly ironic that that which cures cancer makes me sicker than I've ever been in my life and may leave me with life-long, life threatening complications, which in and of themselves may shorten my life.

On the bright side, I went to yoga tonight with ever intention of blowing off the practice and just lying in Savasana and listening. But I didn't. I completed the practice and actually started to feel some energy by the midway point. It was a good practice, and I'm happy I sucked it up and did it all.

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