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Monday, November 2, 2009

Who Knew????

In the past, I've not been highly successful at sending cards to people, even holiday greetings. I buy them; I rarely send them. However, I've ever so much appreciated the cards and greetings and little things people have sent me since July, that I've vowed to do better. In that regard, I've been at Gen's Hallmark twice now within the last week.

Ever tried to find a non-sappy, yet meaningful card for a 16 year old boy? Yeh, not as easy as you might think. What I did discover is that there is now a plethora of card categories ("appropriate for job loss;" "struggling with depression"). As I was searching for one, guess what I found? Yes, leave it to Hallmark. There is an entire section of cards specifically for people with cancer and undergoing treatment. Seriously, I never would have thought to look for a card specifically for someone undergoing cancer treatment.

Who knew? I think I need to spend more time in card shops in the future. I had no idea that I could find cards for people with empty nest syndrome? One thing I do know, there are still too many cards with pictures of puppies and kittens on them.

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