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Sunday, December 27, 2009


I guess I've been keeping a better day-by-day update on Facebook than here, and I just had a question about drains.

Drains are marvelous things and great medical inventions, although I understand their use is diminishing due to better surgical techniques and increased infection rates in hospitals. Also, currently, the medical thought is "the faster the patient gets up and moving" and "the farther the patient moves" the better the patient recovers, and it is thought that drains inhibit such movement.

I had three Jackson-Pratt Drains inserted during my surgery. Two were removed on day 7. The last one was removed on day 8, although had this silly holiday that shuts down the Northern Hemisphere not been right before a weekend, effectively making a 4 day weekend, it would have stayed in a day or so longer. It's always a balance between the benefits of drainage and the increased risk of infection. Everyone knew I wouldn't need it until day 13, which would be the first opportunity to have it removed once the holiday craziness began, but day 8 might have been a day or so soon. But they took it anyway. Here's a video of JP drain being removed, if you are interested.

They are out, and I feel like I am healing well. Once again, it is amazing how much you use the muscles in your open drawers and closets, adjust yourself on the couch or in a chair, opening and closing car doors (I'm thankful for living in flat NWOhio because the slightest incline incapacitates me when it comes to car doors), putting on and taking off seat belts, washing your back, holding a drink, getting a glass or plate out of the cupboard, getting food out of the fridge...and it is also amazing how much weighs more than two-three pounds. For instance, I had to take three trips to carry my pillows to the couch last night. I have a hard time adjusting blankets. Who knew?

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