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Monday, December 21, 2009

Today's Pathology Report

1. The surgeon got the whole tumor
2. The edges were clear and wide
3. 15 total lymph nodes removed
4. 3 positive, the third "less so" than the other two
5. still recommend radiation, but it's now "more negotiable."(ha! Not in my reality where I'm willing to do whatever in the hell is needed to make it all gone, all the way, for all time)
6. Surgeon quite pleased (although who has ever met a surgeon who would say, "Dang, wish I'd done a better job...oops....should have gone to bed earlier last night").
7. Chemo to this point has been quite effective (although obviously not as effective as I would have liked it to have been).
8. Four more rounds of a different cocktail between now and start of radiation.
Silver Lining: no daily driving to radiation in the worst weather of the year; more time to adjust filling of tissue expanders to exactly how I want them; maybe I'll decide I don't want new boobies and will have time to have expanders removed without screwing up radiation landmarks; several months of Louis' working at new job and (hopefully) getting some sort of routine going before we'll have to figure out how to get him to work, me to radiation, kids to kid things, etc. around the reality of three drivers and two cars; finally, I'll be fully released to regular daily activities before I have to deal with driving to daily radiation...that would be a total pain in the neck.


Anonymous said...

I am THRILLED about your "free and clear" margins! That is a good Christmas present!

Carol Puri said...

Good news on the whole! :) Thanks for the update.

fairytail3982 said...

What a wonderful holiday Blessing!

indigogirl17 said...

Out-freaking-standing!!!!!!!!!! Good news, my friend! Keeping you ont he prayer list at St. Mark's! Love and blessings! Cynthia