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Monday, December 21, 2009

Pre-holiday motherly advice

Sit and stand up straight.

Yes, indeedy. It's easy to fall into bad posture habits and that just makes getting around more difficult, especially when something else throws you off.

Yesterday, I swear my shoulders were hunching and so tight it felt like my spine was going to slide down my esophagus (or something like that). I actually regretted leaving the little "blow into this torture device" at the hospital because it felt like I couldn't take a full breath. I had fantasies about blood clots in my lungs. Then I realized that my shoulders we....oh....I don't line with my cheekbones.

Once I slid my shoulder blades on back like I learned in yoga, the whole world took on a brighter appearance. Funny how important oxygen is. The world no longer had fuzzy edges, which until then I'd attributed to Vicodin.

Alright, don't panic. I wasn't seeing fuzzy-edged world. That was just a figure of speech.

Anyway, the more open my chest is, the better I feel, the less I just fade into irrational daytime sleep, the healthier I feel.

On the other hand, like a hood on a raptor, if I slide into really poor posture, off into the Land of Nod I go.

What does this have to do with holiday advice? With all the parties, late nights, hustle and bustle, keep your shoulder blades back and chest open, and not only will you feel better, but you will also have a better sense of balance and be less likely to slip on the ice whilst carrying a load of presents or a plate of cookies and hurt yourself:)

Happy holidays everyone!

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