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Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to keep from feeling sorry for yourself

Watch your child get steamrolled by a player on the opposing team with the build of an action figure and who probably has 50 or more pounds on him. See your child collapse onto the field, screaming. Watch other players frantically call the "coach" over. Observe players carry your child off the field. Wonder why your child is lying on the bench and other players are hovering over him. Find out your child is unable to walk. Listen to your child bellow in pain as he's helped to the benches in front of the building. Have your child carried to your van. Listen to your child bellow like a wounded cow for the entire drive back to BG and to the ER. Sit with your child in the ER for 2.5 hours. Laugh when your child gets loopy on codeine. Shudder at the mention of taking your child to the orthopedic doctor next week. Hope it's just a sprained meniscus. Pick up your child's best friend (who had originally ridden his bike at 10 pm to the hospital) and go to Blockbuster for movies and special video games. Give your child more pain meds and ice pack. Go to bed hoping your child is all better by morning because you know that crutches and this child are a bad mix.

Yes, for those of you keeping count, this is the second trip to the ER in less than a week for my children. Yes, people remembered us. Yes, we are making good use of our health insurance this year.

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