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Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm sure this post-surgical bra thingie was designed by a man. There's no give in the band, so wearing it is like having a steel band around my chest. The huge velcro panel is scratchy and stiff. It's not like it is providing any compression to help with swelling as there's entire "cup" areas that don't touch me at all. And the fabric is rough and doesn't breathe.

I was kindly provided with TWO of these things and told to wear them at all times.

Yesterday, I said "fuck this" and put on my zip front jog bra that is much more comfortable. The band stretches. The fabric breathes. There is no scratchy velcro. It's much more comfortable rubbing on the incision under my arm.

In a few minutes, I'm off to buy one or two others.

It's the little things that make me feel more normal and less invalid (hah! look at that double entendre).

Now let's hope I can find some...sadly, the boobies are gone, but the girth remains.

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