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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If we could read kids' minds...

...what a tale their thoughts could tell.

At least a nine year old's mind.

Before I had my surgery, Tynan and I looked at pictures of women who have had mastectomies. He's really sad that my squishy boobs are gone, and he knew he'd miss them before they were gone. One of his favorite things to do was to lay his head on my chest and cuddle.

However, it never occurred to me to discuss with him what took place during the surgery.

A couple of days after surgery, Louis offered to take all the boys somewhere so I could sleep and Tynan really didn't want to go. Finally, he asked me if I was sure I wouldn't burst open and bleed to death. He hadn't wanted to look at my wound, but had seen enough to have seen the steri-strips down the middle of each former breast. He though that masking tape was all that was holding me together. This explained why he'd been sleeping at my feet for a few nights. He was waiting to save me from exploding.


Anonymous said...

How great that he felt safe enough to share his fears with you.

Patrick said...

boy, did I pick the wrong moment to read this. I need to ask my kids if they have any questions about their grandmother.