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Monday, October 26, 2009

Brussels Sprouts

Marinating in Garlic Expressions


Grilled (a little charry)

Dinner: Top: White Turkey Chili on brown rice, around to right: roasted mushrooms, baked green beans, roasted "breaded" cauliflower, grilled brussels sprouts. My eyes were a little (a lot) bigger than my stomach. I ate most of the veggies, but very little of the chili, which was also very yummy. Aidan is eating his third HUGE bowl right now.

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Margo Trueman said...

I LOVE Brussels Sprouts and so few people enjoy them. Thanks for making me hungry! Good thing I just made homemade veggie pizza & have brownies in the oven! Not as healthy as your delicious looking dinner.

You're in my prayers daily!