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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Smack Down Sucks

Although it sucks a lot less now than it has in the past, thanks to better living through chemistry, there are still a lot of things that suck about chemo.

Of course, there's the hair falling out, the nausea, overall feelings of illness, fatigue, bowl issues, mouth sores, taste changes, hot flashes, perpetual chills, neuropathy, muscle aches, increased appetite, loss of appetite, mood swings...have I missed anything?

Oh, yeh, hair doesn't grow, doesn't grow as fast if it does grow, and the same can be said for nails.

Remember the uber-finger owie from a while back? The nail I ripped off folding towels? Well, I also tore another nail at the same time, only not so seriously, or so I thought. It didn't hurt, didn't bleed. I ignored it.

However, last weekend, it became apparent that it had torn into a hangnail and was infected. Normally, no big deal. Give it a few days, it would grow out. I'd trim it. Problem resolved.

Only, when your nails aren't growing and your immune system is suppressed, a simple hangnail does become a problem.

So here I sit, feverish, smacked down, and on antibiotics for 10 days.

Hopefully, this won't get in the way of next week's chemo.

The only thing worse than getting chemo is not getting chemo.

Smacked down by a hangnail. Go figure.

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Theresa Williams said...

It's like in the Sherman Alexie story about Aunt Nezzy. Her son let a tremendous fart which startled a mouse from its hiding place which ran up Aunt Nezzy's leg and ended up tearing up the whole house. The smallest things smack us down. ... Love from here.