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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's MUGA shows how far I've come...

...and I don't mean the results. Those won't be in for at least two days. No, instead, it shows what sort of shape I was in at the end of July.

To recap the timeline of recent events:
July 20 went to midwife with personal suspicions and for annual.
July 21 had biopsy.
July 23 had mammogram (note to others: have mammo before biopsy...just sayin')
July 23 had ultrasound
July 24 or 25 (while at soccer tournament...yeah for cell phones) got pathology results. That same day life came crashing down, but also was prescribed anti-anxiety meds.
July 28 MRI
July 29 First meeting with oncologist
July 29 Tell boys. Destroy all semblance of normalcy.
July 31 MUGA
Aug 3 CT scan
Aug 5 Register Tynan for school
Aug 6 chemo teaching
Aug 10 Surgery for Port placement
Aug 13 First chemo round

So, today I go for my second MUGA (and have a letter for Homeland Security to prove it...I'm now officially too radioactive to be legal in the USA, and will be for three more days. There's nothing like hearing "You don't want to have young children spend a lot of time sitting on your lap for the next few days...")

Either the xanax I was taking the last time warped time, or the same people did things quite differently this time around. I don't remember the long wait between having my blood drawn and having the blood mixed with isotope re-injected. I know I didn't wander the hospital corridors with an IV port in my arm the last time...I don't think. I waited in the mri area long enough to almost see the end of Judge What's her name, and now I'll never know if she finds for the plaintiff (whose hair fell out and was now on antidepressant meds--cry me a river, bee-otch) or the hairdresser (who swears she did nothing wrong).

I also don't remember the test being so uncomfortable. The pillow was flat, my arm didn't quite fit next to my body, it was chilly. I don't remember the little waist wrap thingie. I swear they didn't use it before. I also don't remember the EKG leads from the last time. Nothing hurt, it was just not comfortable. What I remember is that the MUGA was a nice, 20 minute nap. Not so this time.


I'm guessing the test hasn't changed that much in three months. I think I was in a much different place then.


Margo Trueman said...

It was a tie - the customer got some of the money back but not all b/c the Judge didn't find that the hair dresser was entirely responsible. I don't watch Judge What's her name very often but this episode was on a long time ago when I was newly pregnant and stuck on the couch and I did get to see who won. SO now you know.

I'm sorry that the MUGA wasn't a nice 20 min nap this time. You're in my prayers.

grilledcheesegoddess said...

Thanks, Margo! Mystery solved!