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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sat. Oct. 10, 3.7 miles, 1 hr. 20 minutes

After a great exercise experience last Sunday, I just couldn't motivate to do much of anything this past week. I got up late every morning. couldn't bring myself to even walk up the steps to my classrooms. In fact, I found one flight of steps very tiring. I did drag myself to yoga Wednesday night, but that doesn't really count as exercise. It's a beginner class, after all. It did feel good to get a good stretch and I felt all in line and balanced afterward, yet it's not strenuous at all. I'm not sure it counts as 75 minutes of exercise, especially since I live for Savasana and weekly contemplate just lying in Savasana and imagining doing all the poses.

Now I know that I was "sick" this week, because of this darn infected finger (which is improving, but slowly). I had a fever when I went to the doctor on Thursday and was still running one on Friday, so I imagine that I probably had one on Wednesday and maybe even as early as Monday or Tuesday. Today is the first day I've felt myself (or what passes as myself these days).

Tonight, I dragged Tynan out for a walk with me. We walked from our house to the Barbee's house, where we dropped off some Tupperware (if you care to know, they live across the street from where we lived on Evers a few years ago), to City Park and around it two times, up to the corner of Conneaut and Haskins, over to Poe, took a detour to go around Darlyn, and then continues on Poe to N. Prospect, and then home. According to my (uncalibrated) pedometer, that's a titch over 3.7 miles. or a titch over 7900 steps in an hour and 20 minutes, give or take. Tynan only whined the last mile or so.

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