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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Woke up just as exhausted as when I went to bed. Spent the morning sleeping or hanging out with Amy, who is recuperating from her own surgery. Went for my MUGA and was not able to sit in the waiting room without leaning my head on the wall...holding my head up was effort. Came home and snoozed in the sun, until it was time to take Aidan clothes shopping.

Stop. I know some of you are thinking, "What? That's the last thing you should have been doing."

What I should be doing...and what I need to be doing differ greatly at times. The boys need as much to be normal as possible, and they also need some one-on-one time with me. Regardless, just sitting around doesn't make me less exhausted. Plus, it's not his fauly he's had a huge growth spurt. The audacity.

So, a trip to Plato's Closet and TJMAxx was called for.

It was a brief trip (one of the joys of, get what you need, leave...not a lot of browsing involved, very little contemplation). We got hoodies, jeans, a winter coat, shoes, hat...a very successful trip. Aidan now has his first Aeropostal jeans, and the shoes we found are so cool that his older brother offered to pay him more than their cost to make them his. That is the ultimate compliment to a younger brother.

I also splurged (I seem to do that a lot lately) and picked up a briefcase/office on wheels. I've been wanting one for a few years. I have a backpack with wheels, but it is hard to keep things organized in it, since it is literally a cavern. I've complained here before about how heavy my laptop is, how carrying my bookbag, lunch bag, and body is enough to inhibit me from walking to school (and it's a mere .58 miles from door to door, so no good reason NOT to walk). I was going to have Nathan swap out the old wheels on my wheeled-bookbag, but noticed that the bolts were really corroded. Plus, the bookbag was never intended for the purvayance of a laptop. It's not padded and I'm not sure, in the long run, how water proof it might be. So, when I saw this wheeled bag, I just had to buy it. Since I'm using ebooks for my courses, I really only have hardware to haul. One small handbook, folder of rosters and paperwork, two computer cords, laptop, anitbacterial wipes, nuts for a snack, stapler, dry erase markers, my own erasers, water/tea bottles...that was waaaaay too much for me to carry on my back without feeling the burn. There are days hoisting it onto my back makes me shake. But no more!!!! I'm so excited. So, so excited to be able to walk to work.

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