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Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, Oct. 16, 2009: 4K steps, 2 miles

I'm two days post-chemo #4. Twenty-nine hours post-Neulasta shot. I have reacted pretty badly to the steriods this time around...lots of hot flashes, flushing, inability to sleep (even with melatonin and ambien). So, I'm heading into chemo-crash tomorrow tired. Even with using Vicodin for the Neulasta bone and joint pain, it's worse than any time other than the first round, when I was naive and didn't even really try to stay ahead of the pain. Vicodin worked fine the last time.

Gentle stretches sort of help; movement helps; it's impossible to stretch and move all the time, especially when I'm so tired and taking three meds that cause sleepiness. I went for a long, gentle walk tonight...the weather is perfect, the temp is very comfortable, and now I'm thinking ahead to winter when it will be bitter cold, and that makes me sad. If we could have these temps, or a tad colder, all winter, it would be ideal.

So, now, with day two being worse than the last couple of day twos, I wonder what tomorrow and Sunday will bring. I have 15-20 essays I have to grade by midnight Sunday. And, like an idiot, I sort of told Tynan I'd try to make it to his game in Maumee tomorrow. Why I thought I could do that, I don't know. I guess because I feel no better sitting at home feeling ucky. If the weather is nice, I might as well at least be outside enjoying the fresh air watching soccer. A weekend without soccer is almost like not a weekend...

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