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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Lovies

I haven't yet mentioned here the "lovies" I've received lately, and I know there are a few I've forgotten. Some friends from work gifted me with wonderful Smartwool socks, after reading about how I lusted after them, but how they were out of the realm of my current budget. I now live in them for the most part. Another friend helped me track down some Smartwool on sale, so
I actually was able to afford it (hence the ability to live in it). Yet another friend helped me research washers when mine broke, and of course there is the "Cleaning for a Cure Crew" that is cleaning my house after every chemo treatment so it's comforting when I crash (plus, the microwave gets cleaned and the laundry room gets swept). I haven't uploaded pictures yet, but yet another friend has made me the most awesome fleece winter hats, custom fit for my special noggin. They are two layers of fleece with four around the ear area, so really quite warm. In fact, almost two warm for right now, but now is getting colder and they will also probably work when I'm no longer bald, especially since I plan on keeping my hair short.

The other day, I came home to find a Buff from yet another friend. It rocks! OMG, this is one head item of head gear that I'm not passing on, assuming I can keep it away from Tynan, who also loves it. Soft, yet warm. Ideal for in the house right now, especially because it has no band or ridge or anything to get in the way when I lie down, which it seems I do too much of lately.

Above, are pictures of three other lovies...I refer to two of them as "power shawls," infused with positive energy and loving thoughts. The darker one on the right, is incredibly soft, yet thick and quite large. Again, I have to wrestle Tynan for it. He likes to wrap up in it and lean against me and say, "I'm so happy and warm." So, I tend to let him have it. The lighter one is thinner, not so wide, yet warm, and I'm using it right now in the infusion center because it folded up perfectly to fit in my "bag o'chemo anti-boredom crap:" novels, computer, itouch, lunch, papers to grade (don't really see that happening). Also in the picture above, you can see a red, flannel plaid rectangle, which is an herbal pillow thingie (see what I mean about my vocabulary dropping). It's also new in my chemo-bag. I intend to use it as an eye pillow here and at yoga later tonight. It smells soothing and yummy.

Finally, the friend who made my fleece hats, also make a tied fleece blanket. It's awesome, and I was sure, because it is brilliantly pink and covered with ribbons that I would not have to share it, but once again, I'm wrong. It's become Nathan's favorite blanket while he watches sports in the chilly family room.

If you've also provided lovies and I haven't mentioned them, it's not because I'm not appreciative. It's because my brain is misfiring and if I don't write everything down, it's gone from my brain. This explains why I've not used names...I'm sure I'd bollux something up in that regard.

Even with a fully functioning brain, I am bad with names.

All these, plus more, are what are giving me the strength and encouragement to continue on right now.

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