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Monday, February 1, 2010

Good Beyond Words

I get fixated on certain foods and can't get enough of them. Right now, those foods are Naslada Bistro's Shopska salad and Layered Tomato. I could eat the Layered Tomato all day, every day.

In fact, I think I shall go to the store and make both right now, even though I had both for lunch.


theli said...

I love Naslada's Shopska salad! Every time I'm there, I order one. I made it at home several times, wasn't that bad either.

(this is Irina, BTW, and I'm glad I found you on FB and here)

dawn said...

Irina, I have a huge shopska (heavy on the olive oil and I also added red onions just because they sounded good) in my fridge. Feel free to stop by and have some because no one else but me will eat it. Anyone else in the area is welcome to have some. I just am incapable of preparing reasonable amounts of food. I should have been an army cook or something.