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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Round 2, session 2, day 6


Chemo smackdown seems to be increasing.

When I woke up this morning, all I could think was "The Fatigue, she is here." I was just as tired as if I'd been up all night. I was even too tired to read. Too tired to read much of anything, even a mystery novel full of recipes.

Yesterday, I was feeling a little hungoverish. Today, it's about as bad as the "bad" day on Sunday. It really is cumulative. My tongue is smooth, which means I don't taste much of anything. That's pretty frustrating, at least psychologically, because I have this gut level feeling that if I could satisfy a craving, I'd feel better.

There''s no rhyme nor reason for the things that sound good to me. Earlier, it was baked tomatoes. ::meh:: I forgot the black olives. It was OK, but not satisfying. Then, believe it or not, I thought that cottage cheese and grape jelly would be awesome! Unfortunately, I couldn't taste the jelly. How disappointing was that? Next, I dug out the forgotten black olives. Only I couldn't taste them.

Now nothing sounds good. And I don't feel like getting out of this chair. Or talking. Or even keeping my eyes open. For gosh sakes! This is day 6!!!! Only 8 more days until I start it all again.


Pancake Goddess said...


one of the best indicators that chemo is making you very sick is that you said "gosh sakes"

and again... with <3

suzee said...

I'm so sorry. This just feels outrageously unfair, that anyone should have to go through this just to get to the other side. And the other side is just a normal life, not even winning the lottery.

Thinking of you.