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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wasted 5 weeks and totally out of the running for Mother of the Year

The semester is already 1/2 over; it's nearly Spring Break; I'm not working; I've accomplished nothing.

I had great plans for personal improvement, and the whole lymphedema, sleeve fitting, appointment making, rigmarole has interfered with some of that; general malaise has interfered with other aspects; poor planning has made it so that I can't even find time to organize the bookshelves in the living room. Yet, I've watched a ton of trash TV and am doing a phenomenal job of keeping up with the Kardashians, the pregnant teens, the hoarders, the clean houses, and all those polygamist Mormons. Hmmmm....I'm seeing a correlation here.

Haven't worked on my writing. Haven't taken up a hobby. Haven't worked on the family room. In general, haven't done much of anything.

Haven't even really noticed that I'm not working.

On top of having accomplished nothing, I missed the deadline to sign Tynan up for Spring Soccer. Now, to explain to the child who already thinks we all have it in for him that he's out of soccer....any takers? Damn. There goes MOTY, once again. And it's only February.


Anonymous said...

jeez - you need to lighten up on yourself I think - and cultivate the art of laziness. I can pop over and give you some tips! If i can get around to getting off the couch of course...

It is amazing how much employment can structure the day and give us something to focus on. No idea how retirees do it!


suzee said...

God, Hoarders makes me feel so much better about myself. Love that show, even though it must mean I have a serious psychological problem.

Don't all youngest kids think everyone has it in for them? Good luck with the chat. BTDT. Real life gets in the way of being a perfectly organized parent.

Pancake Goddess said...

Here's the oddest thing about hoarders... shouldn't it make me feel better when I look around my house and see surfaces? Partial surfaces? I don't! The result is that any item out of place, and small pile, must. go. This and Intervention are two truly heart-breaking tv shows.

so dawn, are you in treatment for cancer, and having unreasonably high personal accomplishment goals? yes, I think maybe.

Pancake Goddess said...

I waited too long to realize jamie wouldn't have any spring soccer unless i sought it out. Got him on a team in the next town over, by a thread. Is it a league deadline or team deadline? Sorry about the soccer thing!

dawn said...

League. Maybe something will open. Maybe. I still haven't told him. I did fire off a few emails. He can always take a step down and play developmental league, although that would suck big time in many ways, and since he has so few friends already, eliminate what few he has.

dawn said...

Amy, hoarders doesn't make me feel that much better because I swear at times we've come close and I could see it happening again. Clean House makes me nervous, although I'm thinking of writing them, actually, and whining about how we moved, started making this house ours, then I got diagnosed and it all ground to a halt and we'll never have the time or money to do it right again....the kids rooms are disasters of mismatched crap, need closet organizers....jsut need organizers kind of stuff.....Matt the Go To Guy would be ideal for just one week.

Pancake Goddess said...

do it! i always think the speedy makeover shows probably result in crappy workmanship but a organizing process is pretty safe.