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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Taste!

No, not my jokes. Those are frequently in bad taste. Not my dress. I really have no taste. No, I'm talking about my ability to taste.

It's crazy. I bet I'm tasting at about 25%.

Today I've been craving Muffaleta, sans the bread. OK, so just the olive relish/salad. Instead, I'm just eating green olives and kalamata olives straight from the jars. I can taste those.

I'm also craving grapefruit, actually a citrus fruit salad, but the taste isn't all there, making it really hard to go to the effort of making such a salad. Maybe I'll just peel and eat a grapefruit.

It's weird to not taste. Yet, because of the natural drive to foster cell growth and rejuvenation, I crave certain types of food. Even without an appetite, I have a drive to eat. Very little is satisfying, though. It's like I"m an eating machine in search of taste.

I'm off for a bag of tuna now, drenched in some high taste dressing. Maybe I should try Tynan's preschool age snack: bag of tuna with salsa and grape jelly added. He loved it when he was 3. It was at that age that he ate crushed garlic from the jar with a spoon and would request garlic pickles as his "treat" from the grocery store.

Or, maybe I'll just go eat more olives.

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