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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not out of the running yet...

...or at least not for missing the sign up for soccer.

Since Tynan was on the team in the fall, his paperwork is all OK for spring.

That's a relief.

It's also a relief to know that I haven't totally screwed up MOTY in the second month of the year. Now, whether we can get organized enough to make practices, find uniform pieces, cleats, etc....I might end up dropping out of the running soon, but at least not this soon.

I might even have managed to get Aidan on a spring team. I'd forgotten his birthday makes him still a legit U14 player, so the trapped 8th grade rule might not apply to him....that would be a big SCORE!

Add all that to the Teva shoes that originally retailed at $130 and I found, NWT, at Goodwill yesterday for $15 (the most expensive wearable item I've ever bought at Goodwill) that fit either big boy (and both like them), I just might start earning my keep around here.

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