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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Round 2, session 2, day 2

Hangover has begun. The only thing that helps is protein. But nothing sounds good except for bacon and sausage patties. I need to make something for the fam to take to a Superbowl party.

Louis can't help. He's doing taxes. Must get our refund before money runs out. Yes, he's back at work, but his paychecks will be less than 1/2 of what his previous paychecks were. My take home pay is significantly less, due to increased health insurance and vastly increased flex funds taken out.

So much for remodelling the bathroom (have I spoken here as to how stupid the layout in our otherwise large bathroom is?) and getting replacement windows upstairs and some more electrical outlets.

Allow me to digress about our bathroom. We only have one. Mostly, that's not a problem. Maybe, someday, when we remodel the garage into "basement replacement living space", we'll put another bathroom in out there. But maybe not. It's not like people are knocking down the doors to clean bathrooms here, so I see no real need to have more than one. It's not like the boys are fighting over who needs the mirror. And, the people who lived here before had 3 girls and 2 boys, and they managed with the extra sink in the laundry room.

But the layout is stupid. There's a tub. And a toilet right next to it! So, when one takes a bath, one's head is mere inches from the toilet seat. Not too bad since I figured out how to use the steamer with some bleach to clean around the toilet, but really, not a good configuration for a house with 4 males. I mitigate the potential smell by candles. But still, it's not what I would choose. Then there's the shower stall. It's tiny. It's old. I've always hated shower stalls. It's tiny. People over a certain height can't bend over and wash their feet. It's tiny. There's no place to really put shampoo or anything, except these handrails that run around the sides. I hate it. I hate cleaning it. The kids hate cleaning it. It's just stupid. But we couldn't put a large one in because the sink is next to it.

In my dream, and with money not an option, I''d replace the tub and add in a shower, but still manage to keep the window over the tub. The tub would be insulated so the bathwater stays warm much longer. Maybe I'd get one of those walk in tubs for the elderly that doubles as a shower stall. Then, I'd put the toilet over where the shower stall is now, maybe with some sort of little half wall to block it from view.

and I'd get rid of the mirror on the back of the door that is directly across from the tub. Right now, I hand a sheet over it. Who wants to look at themselves in a full length mirror while they bathe? Certainly not I.

Now back to food for the superbowl party....

Louis can't help, he's doing taxes. Aidan can't help, he's puking. Nathan is still in bed at 1:08 pm. I like to let him sleep some times. I firmly believe that nature has designed teen boys to sleep during the day and be up at night. Plus, I think he's growing again.

Since Aidan is puking, we've asked the friends where Tynan spent the night if he could stay there longer today. So, Tynan can't help.

So, it's up to me. Maybe a coffee cake.


grilledcheesegoddess said...

coffee cake in the oven. Now I know why my mom made this cake all the time. I always forget how easy it is, yet oh so satisfying.

Dorinda said...

Coffee Cake is good!

Pancake Goddess said...

can you tell me about your steamer method? We have three bathrooms and only one gets used - long story. It's a stinky pink toilet - probably 40 years old.

dawn said...

My first piece of advice is to remove the toilet, swap out the wax ring, and scrub everyting with bleach.

Then, steam.

I have something like this only I know I didn't pay that much for it.

If you fill it about halfway full, add a table spoon or so of bleach to the water, let it heat to boiling, and then turn it upside down, boiling bleach water comes out instead of steam!!!!!

Starting at the back of the toilet, aim it under the base, pointing to the front. Blows all that piss right our of there.

Probably shortens the life of the steamer to use bleach, but whatever. Works pretty well in showers (although my scrubbing bubbles shower sprayer is working incredibly well there).