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Friday, February 5, 2010

Round 2, session 2, day 1

Good infusion today. Got to watch two episodes of Big Love and came home to a wonderfully tidy and clean house. I love the three friends who have helped with that through all of this more than Reese's Peanut Butter cups. (More evidence polygamy would work for me. And I really truly do appreciate them and would make sure they knew it...)

My blood counts were "good." My hemoglobin was lower than last time around. It's already dropped to 9.2. If I start to feel bad, there are orders written for an "iron shot."

The infusion nurse told me to expect to feel much worse this time around. Last round, different cocktail, the first two sessions left me feeling the crappiest. The last two left me the most fatigued. The two in the middle were ::meh::. Not too much hangover feeling, tolerable fatigue, mostly just bone and joint pain and neuropathy. This time, I guess all the effects accumulate. It'll all be over sooner rather than later--I'm almost halfway. This was my second of two infusions, but until the crappy stage passes, I won't consider it half over. I'll still have those crappy days after the last infusion, and last time around, I felt crappy longer after the last than after the first and second.

Gotta love pharmaceuticals. Although the cost can be exorbitant at times, they make life pretty damn good. I no longer can remember why I didn't used to like them...

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