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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Edible Fish

I've always wanted to enjoy eating fish, but I just haven't been able to. I normally eat about three bites and then either think "this isn't so good...." or "bleh, it all tastes the same and is infusing it's flavor into everything else."

So, now seems to be the ideal time to learn to eat it. Why now? Because my taste buds are AWOL.

And, it's working. I've been eating it most days for the past two weeks, at least once a day: As an entree for dinner and leftovers on salad for lunch or a snack at night. Admittedly, I like it well done so there is no fishy texture to it;)

Tonight, I invented my own recipe: Citrus-Pesto-Spinach Salmon

Season Salmon with salt and pepper.
Coat Salmon fillets with jarred pesto sauce.
Cover thickly with handfuls of raw spinach.
Cover spinach with sliced oranges and lemons.
Lay slices of tomato over all.
Cover with foil and bake at....350 (does that seem reasonable?) until you think to check it. When spinach is all wilted, crank oven to broil until you think the fish is probably done.

Lay sliced


theli said...

Hmm, maybe I should make you some salmon my way. My recipe - sprinkle salmon with salt, and olive oil (literally - sprinkle, so it's not salty or greasy) put it on a very hot grill (I have an electric grill that can be used indoors), cook 5-6 minutes per inch of thickness. It's well done at that point, but will not have brown stripes. If it has brown stripes, it's overcooked, dry, looses a lot of nutrients etc. Preferable, fish should have skin when I cook it. I put it on the grill skin side down, then peel it off when I turn it over.

grilledcheesegoddess said...

I'd be happy to try it:)

theli said...

Perfect! Will do it next week. I will need your address :).

grilledcheesegoddess said...

137 Leroy. I think our boys are playing on the same soccer team this season...Aidan is playing u14.

theli said...

So glad to hear that Aidan is playing! Don't hesitate to let me know when he needs a ride.

grilledcheesegoddess said...

Awesome!!!! It was wonderful!!! I'll have Aidan bring your pan back Tuesday at soccer.

Thank you very much!!!