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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break! part 3

Amy and I returned to reality today, which involved (a) getting confused on the way home and (b) lunch at The Forks in Pemberville. I'd provide a link, but apparently, there are none to The Forks.

I arrived home to find that the cleaning fairies had come earlier in the day. Nothing better to come home to....yes, I know that I should probably say "I arrived home to find my children ensconced on the couch, waiting for me....nothing better to come home to...." but really, they are there nearly every day. It's not every day my house is clean. That will probably never, ever happen again. But daily I find boyz on my couch.

Later, the boys had a soccer game, which I was to "coach." It was a brutal game. Lots of annoying poor sportsmanship on both sides, and the ref is the absolute worst ref ever on the face of the earth....

But we won in a miraculous come-back; the boys on the bench were kind and welcoming to Tynan; and did I mention we won? OK, they won. I didn't do anything but hang out and be the person over 18 on the bench. The boys do all the rest. They are a great group of boys.

Then home to a generously provided dinner, a fast trip to the grocery store to get stuff for lunches tomorrow, and now I'm ready for bed.

Back to reality:)

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indigogirl17 said...

Glad you had a great day! Can yous end those cleaning fairies to my house?