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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break! part 1

Probably 7 years or so ago, the Jeffers and the Hubbell-Staebles started camping together. About the same time, Amy and I started the tradition of closing and opening each camping season with a moms only trip. We haven't always gone far. Sometimes no farther than Portage. Most of the time, we end up in Gibsonburg.

Of course, every time we camp alone, it's pretty much guaranteed that it will rain (or snow), but please don't think we are miserable. We take high quality bedding; we've mastered cold and wet; we tend to eat pretty well.

Well, stupid cancer got in the way of a lot of recreation this summer. Between moving and cancer diagnosis, I don't think our families camped. And Amy and I didn't get our trip. So, here we are on "Spring Break" in a motel in Port Clinton.

Truly, we could be anywhere. We have simple needs. Beds. Books. Wifi. Cable tv. Good food. Naps. More naps. Even more naps.

We arrived in our street legal pajamas. Not much has changed. I'm not in street legal pajamas, but I can change:)

And we've napped.

The weather is wonderful, and I think we'll head out here soon for a short walk and then a wonderful dinner. Since we slept through lunch, we can justify spending a little more on supper. In our street legals.

Last night, we ate a Perch and Shrimp dinner with lobster bisque at the Jolly Roger. Yum. Who knows what we'll do tonight.

Big plans for Wednesday night, too:) More on that later.

I think we are the only women in the's us and guys working on the Davis-Besse project.

It's frequently like that when we camp, too:) Us and scuba divers and extreme rescue people.


dawn said...

did I mention we napped?

Peggesis said...

I clicked on the link for Port Clinton and read there that they are located on the *north* coast of Lake Erie. Isn't Port Clinton on the south coast of Lake Erie? Isn't the north coast in Canada? Where the heck are you? Doesn't matter. Have fun. Don't count on anyone from the chamber of commerce to give you directions.

grilledcheesegoddess said... Ohio vernacular, the "North Coast" is the south side of Lake Erie. Technically, though, the north coast of LE would be Canada. But 'eff 'em, they have health care and we don't. That makes us better:)