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Friday, March 5, 2010

One more notch on the treatment belt...

Had my last chemo today.

For awhile, we weren't sure if I'd be getting it since I've been so sick this week from this demonic cold. However, since I didn't have a fever and since I haven't had a fever, and since I managed to not cough so they could hear how bad I sound, I got my infusion.

One week of being nauseous and feeling hung over, and this stage of this godforsaken journey is over. I did six infusions between Aug. 11 and Nov. 25. Then had a bilateral mastectomy Dec. 16. And just finished doing four dose dense infusions between January 22 and today, March fifth. I am so glad I decided to do the dose dense route. No way could I have done this and continued to work. I was wiped out after the first round of chemo, which was administered every three weeks, leaving me a week of feeling normal. With the dose dense, my blood counts never get a chance to climb. The lowest point is right around when I get my next dose. Pretty much everything is an effort, from thinking to...well, thinking and mental processing are both quite challenging right now. I feel really dumb much of the time. Physically, well, let's just not go there. It's depressing.

But that's all (nearly) behind me now. It's quite a relief. Quite. Truth be told, I fear the next stage of treatment more than I've feared anything in my life, but it is the LAST major hurdle I have planned. 6.5 weeks of daily radiation treatments. Guess it's time to get a schedule:)

I'm not going to let the fact that I was surrounded by women with recurrences today at the infusion center make me any less optimistic. I'll do my year of herceptin; my heart function will stay good enough to not screw that up; and then I'll never have to see the inside of an infusion center ever again, unless I'm visiting someone else who is there.

Oh, and I got to pick up my compression sleeves today, which means that now there is no reason not to exercise. Guess I'll start as soon as that personal trainer shows up.


Pancake Goddess said...

50 degree weather coming up.... just enjoy walking with some good music.

dawn said...

Wish you were here to walk with.

One of the other (many) Amys and I are trying to get out of town for a few days this week. Damn cancer screwed up our end of season camping trip last fall and the cabin we've borrowed in the past is "open" but having construction/remodelling done right now, so we might actually hotel/motel it for a couple of nights. WE have no idea where, really. Must. Be. Inexpensive. Have HBO and wifi.

Pancake Goddess said...

:-) Maybe some time in John Bryan this summer, at least.

Theresa Williams said...

I'm so glad it's over, Dawn. Another hurdle out of the way. Stay're almost there.

grilledcheesegoddess said...

I love John Bryan. Maybe the other Amy and I could do a "mom and boy" trip. It's be a change from our regular places, which I think are starting to bore the boys. Too bad the state parks have had to jack their rates in the last few years. If you can find us cheap firewood in the area, we'd have a great inducement. OTOH, are you in with wood quarantine area? Because if we bring two vehicles, we can bring free wood and that cuts the cost waaaaay down.